and so it begins....

Kimm is an expert at wordplay and her lyrics often contain meaningful twists and double entendres that aren't apparent at first listen. In that way, her songs are a true reflection of her generous spirit as they keep giving you little gifts every time you hear them. I've never known another writer who could do that as well as she does. She is one-of-a-kind and a real musical treasure.


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Kimm Rogers

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The Grassroots Oasis, 3130 Moore Street, San Diego, CA 92110

An Enchanting Evening of Stories and Songs in The Round featuring Kimm Rogers, Cindy Lee Berryhill and Nena Anderson. Advance Tickets $15 or contact Martha Sullivan at (858) 945-6273. $20 dollars at the door. Must be 13 years or older. House concert style with beer and wine served by donation.


Kimm Rogers

"Proper" release date for Kimm's new album, "Where The Pavement Grows"

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